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Op-ed: She Wasn't Just a Novelist With Promise, Marina Keegan Was My Friend
July 08 2014 7:00 AM ET

Op-ed: Marina Keegan Was More Than a Promising Novelist

Cameron Keady

A posthumous publication of Marina Keegan's book leaves behind unsung words.

Clash of the Classics: 'Brokeback Mountain' vs. 'Beautiful Thing'
July 07 2014 6:46 PM ET

Clash of the Classics: Brokeback Mountain vs. Beautiful Thing Editors

In the first match of our Sweet 16 round in our Clash of the Classics tournament, it's Brokeback Mountain vs. Beautiful Thing.

July 07 2014 5:23 PM ET

Adam Lambert Channels Freddie Mercury While On Tour

Watch his performance of "Somebody to Love"

What Happened When We Pit Landmark Gay Films Against Camp Classics?
July 07 2014 2:30 PM ET

Ready for Round 2? When Gay Movies Collide

Michelle Garcia

Not so much into the World Cup? We've got the tournament for you right here.

WATCH: George Takei Reveals Why He Loves the Country That Betrayed Him
July 07 2014 2:22 PM ET

WATCH: George Takei's TED Talk on Being Betrayed

Jase Peeples

In a moving new video from the TED conference series, actor and activist George Takei shares how his views of patriotism were shaped by his time spent in a U.S. internment camp for Japanese-Americans during WWII.

July 07 2014 2:10 PM ET

Neil Patrick Harris Makes Us Squirm in Gone Girl

In case you ever wanted to know what the Anti-Barney Stinson would be like

July 07 2014 1:53 PM ET

TV Producer Neal Baer Comes Out in Public Essay

“Being authentic isn’t easy, especially when you’ve tap-danced your way through life avoiding who you really are.”

Gallery of Geek: Kevin Wada
July 07 2014 12:50 PM ET

Gallery of Geek: Kevin Wada

Brian Andersen

Marvel Comics' She-Hulk cover artist shares his keen superhero fashion sense.

The Advocate's 27 Favorite Films of Outfest 2014
July 07 2014 8:00 AM ET

The Advocate's 27 Favorite Films of Outfest 2014

Daniel Reynolds and Jase Peeples

This year's Outfest features more than 150 films. The Advocate has chosen 27 of our favorites.

Yes, Jason Mraz Wants Everyone to Feel Good
July 07 2014 6:30 AM ET

Jason Mraz: 'Coming Out is the Coolest Thing Anyone Can Do'

Jase Peeples

The musician and social activist talks about the inspiration behind his latest album, Yes!, his passion for human equality, and creating lasting change by starting with one simple word.

Delicious Dishes! 20 Amazing New Cookbooks
July 07 2014 5:00 AM ET

Delicious Dishes! 20 Amazing New Cookbooks

Diane Anderson-Minshall

Summer's great for entertaining, but if your menu is a little played out, these mouthwatering new tomes will give you tons of ideas for creating, baking, sauteeing, and even canning your own delicious dishes.

WATCH: Meet the Drag Beauties of 'Pageant'
July 07 2014 4:44 AM ET

WATCH: Meet the Drag Beauties of Pageant

Brandon Voss

Boys will be girls in an Off-Broadway musical comedy about beauty pageant contestants.