Hot Sheet: Demi-Vicious Pride

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include delicious Demi Lovato, ferocious N.Y. and S.F. Pride, and most Vicious Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi.

BY Editors

June 27 2014 7:41 PM ET

10. BOOK: Diary of a Mad Diva, Joan Rivers 
On the designer-clad heels of her smash New York Times best seller I Hate Everyone … Starting With Me, John Rivers returns with what could be her wildest, funniest, and most in-your-face book yet – Joan Rivers: Diary of a Mad Diva, available Tuesday. Joan unleashes her hilarious and irreverent observations about life in the style of diary entries for her latest effort. From blasting technology (“I hate the autocorrect on my computer, phone and iPad. It’s humorless and doesn’t understand nuance; it’s the Jay Leno of apps”) to raking seasoned performers over the coals (“What’s sweaty, lonely and weighs ten thousand pounds? The front row of a Donny Osmond concert”) the queen of mean doesn’t pull any punches while sharing her day-to-day exploits in this laugh-out-loud page-turner. Read our recent interview with the mad diva herself here. — Jase Peeples