Hot Sheet: Steaming Hot Outfest

Our top 10 entertainment and events highlights this week include the Adam Lambert + Queen Tour, Masters of Sex, and Barbra Streisand's basement.

BY Editors

July 11 2014 5:21 PM ET

9. FILM: Anatomy of a Love Seen
Is love just an act? For actresses Zoe (Sharon Hinnendael) and Mal (Jill Evyn), whose romance begins and then falls apart after meeting on set, the answer is unclear. Anatomy of a Love Seen, an exciting and largely improvised new film by first-time director Mariana Rice Bader, portrays the reunion of these two former lovers, who are forced to see each other again after learning the love scene in which they first met must be reshot. In exploring the relationship of these women both on- and off-screen, this drama paints a compelling portrait of love that is at once sexy and sorrowful. Anatomy of a Love Seen premieres at Outfest July 18. Watch the trailer below. — Daniel Reynolds