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Throwback Thursday: A Salute to Moms Mabley
March 20 2014 12:17 PM ET

Happy Birthday Moms Mabley

Jami Smith

Happy belated birthday to the original queen of comedy, who from the 1920s - 1970s broke all of the barriers about race, gender, and sexuality.

#TBT: Comically Gay
March 20 2014 5:00 AM ET

#TBT: Comically Gay

Christopher Harrity

Is it just us? Because these vintage comics seem super that way.

WATCH: Anderson Cooper and Seth Meyers Are Gay Gym Buddies
March 18 2014 11:30 AM ET

WATCH: Anderson Cooper, Seth Meyers Are Gay Gym Buddies

Jami Smith

They both work out at the same gay gym, wear matching suits, and like to read the news on television. This could be the beginning of the cutest bromance since Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen.

WATCH: 'Not Looking' Episode 2
March 17 2014 4:20 PM ET

WATCH: 'Not Looking' Episode 2

Jami Smith

The plot thickens in episode two of this hilarious Funny or Die parody of Looking as Colby unsuccessfully uses Grindr to cure his heartbreak. Keep an eye out for special guest appearances by Jai Rodriguez (Queer Eye For the Straight Guy) and Guy Branum (Totally Biased).

WATCH: 'Jeffrey: The Series' Episode 8, 'Merchandise'
March 14 2014 2:26 PM ET

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 8, 'Merchandise'

Jase Peeples

Our favorite gay 55-year-old boy-band gonna-be unleashes his plan to merchandize his way to superstardom in this week’s new episode of the animated series that's redefining the midlife crisis.

Throwback Thursday: Richard Simmons Gets Inappropriate on 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?'
March 13 2014 2:27 PM ET

WATCH: Richard Simmons Gets Inappropriate on TV

Jami Smith

Remember that time in 2003 when Richard Simmons and the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway? got a little too sexual for an ABC show?

WATCH: The Pope Has His Own Version of 'Tiger Beat' Magazine
March 13 2014 10:20 AM ET

WATCH: The Pope's Personal Version of Tiger Beat Magazine

Jami Smith

Watch out Justin Bieber. The Pope has a new magazine, complete with a glossy centerfold. No one is more delighted about it than 'papal fanboy' Stephen Colbert.

Watch: 'Not Looking' Episode 1
March 10 2014 10:23 AM ET

WATCH: 'Not Looking' Episode 1

Jami Smith

The first season of HBO's Looking may be over, but the new Funny or Die web series, Not Looking is just getting started. Underwear bulges, pizza boxes, and betrayal are all part of the drama.

Johnny and Tara Give Funny Figure Skating Analysis to Tourists at 30 Rock
March 09 2014 1:00 PM ET

Johnny and Tara at 30 Rock, Can't Stop With Play-By-Play

Jami Smith

All of the pizzazz and pageantry of ice skating tourists at Rockefeller Center finally gets the attention it deserves from commentators Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski.

8 Movies Made Better With 'Let It Go'
March 09 2014 11:50 AM ET

8 Movies Made Better With 'Let It Go'

Jami Smith

When you think about it, "Let It Go" would've been a brilliant addition to most movie soundtracks.

WATCH: 'Jeffrey: The Series' Episode 7, ‘Velvet Rope’
March 07 2014 1:59 PM ET

WATCH: Jeffrey: The Series Episode 7, ‘Velvet Rope’

Jase Peeples

In this week’s episode, Jeffrey hatches his plan to become the most fabulous VIP of any party.

WATCH: Colbert Shares Address of Antigay Congressman
March 05 2014 2:52 PM ET

WATCH: Colbert Shares Address of Antigay Congressman

Jami Smith

Stephen Colbert gives out the address of Rep. Steve King, who argues that LGBT equality is not a civil rights issue.

WATCH: The Idina Menzel-Jimmy Fallon Duet With Toy Instruments
March 04 2014 11:21 AM ET

WATCH: Idina Menzel, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots and Toys Rock 'Let It Go'

Jami Smith

This video is what it would look like if Idina Menzel, Jimmy Fallon, and The Roots were your second-grade music teachers.