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Suspect in Trans Woman's Murder Turns Himself In
July 02 2014 6:25 PM ET

Suspect in Trans Woman's Murder Turns Himself In

Parker Marie Molloy

Tiffany Edwards' family may be closer to finding justice after the man accused in her murder turned himself in.

WATCH: As Colo. Clerk Issues Marriage Licenses, Same-Sex Couples File Suit
July 02 2014 4:15 PM ET

WATCH: New Factor in Equal Marriage Fight in Colo.

Sunnivie Brydum

Boulder county officials continue to issue same-sex marriage licenses while six couples have filed a suit in federal court looking to overturn Colorado's ban on marriage equality.

Here's Why George Takei Wants You to Boycott Hobby Lobby
July 02 2014 3:46 PM ET

George Takei Wants You to Boycott Hobby Lobby

Trudy Ring

As usual, Takei is right on. Plus: other places you may want to boycott.

California Becomes Easiest Place for Trans People to Amend Birth Certificates
July 02 2014 1:57 PM ET

California Is Now the Easiest Place to Amend Your Birth Certificate

Parker Marie Molloy

Passed last year, California's AB 1121 set up the framework for a more privacy-conscious environment for trans individuals trying to legally change their name and gender.

PHOTOS: Turkey's First Transgender Beauty Contest
July 02 2014 6:00 AM ET

PHOTOS: Turkey's First Transgender Beauty Contest

Treestride.com Editors

In a country that has had at least 70 murders of transgender people since 2002, participation in a beauty contest is an act of defiance and courage.

California: Gov. Appoints Gay Judges To Bench
July 01 2014 6:45 PM ET

California: Gov. Appoints Gay Judges To Bench

Michelle Garcia

Therese M. Stewart and James M. Humes are making history in California's judicial system.

Congresspeople Urge Dept. of Ed. to Issue Comprehensive Trans Student Guidelines
July 01 2014 5:10 PM ET

These Lawmakers Want to Make School Safer for Trans Kids

Parker Marie Molloy

In a letter sent last month, three members of Congress urged the Education Department to clarify an April statement related to how trans and gender-nonconforming students are protected by Title IX.

Labor Department Clarifies Stance on Trans Protections
July 01 2014 4:50 PM ET

Labor Dept. Finally Clarifies Trans Protections

Parker Marie Molloy

Secretary of Labor Tom Perez finally clarified that the department's transgender employees will receive nondiscrimination protections.

Former Conn. Police Officer Alleges Antitransgender Discrimination
July 01 2014 4:28 PM ET

Former Police Officer Alleges Antitrans Discrimination

Parker Marie Molloy

Two years after coming out as transgender, a police officer loses her job and alleges discrimination.

Texas Gay Dems: #WeDontNeedFixin
July 01 2014 4:03 PM ET

Texas Gay Dems: #WeDontNeedFixin

Trudy Ring

The state Democratic platform responds strongly to Texas Republicans' endorsement of 'ex-gay' therapy.

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Hobby Lobby Ruling
July 01 2014 2:33 PM ET

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Eviscerates Hobby Lobby Ruling

Rebecca Juro

Rachel Maddow injects a dose of common sense on the Supreme Court's ruling on contraception.