PHOTOS: San Francisco Pride, Then and Now

Pride in San Francisco is always fun, but even more interesting when compared with San Francisco Pride images from 1978 by the author's father. Contrast and compare!

BY Christopher Harrity

July 03 2014 6:00 AM ET

A record number of people turned out for Pride in San Francisco this year. More than a million by some accounts. Plus, support for the event could not be more mainstream, if skewed a little to the Silicon Valley side: Apple, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Uber, Twitter, and official grand sponsor Airbnb all were major participants. These photos of the 2014 parade by Tommy Wu show that San Francisco retains its title as "The City the Knows How." Interspersed with Wu's images are pictures my gay dad, Bob Harrity, took in what I am guessing is 1978. A lot has changed since then, but the spirits of 2014 and 1978 have a lot in common. Thanks Tommy Wu, and thanks to Dad, who is in the big Pride Parade in the sky. — Christopher Harrity

Hello, Mr. Petersen!

Taking a grape selfie.

Parents and chidren make the 1978 parade a family event.

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