PHOTOS: Global Love and Pride
June 16 2014 2:20 PM ET

PHOTOS: The Weekend's Global Love and Pride Editors

In June, Pride bounces around the world with a message of love and hope. See Pride here in Greece, Croatia, and Slovenia.

New Bill Aims to Create U.S. Envoy on Global LGBT Rights
June 13 2014 3:33 PM ET

Here's How the U.S. Can Lead the World on LGBT Rights

Thom Senzee

Massachusetts Sen. Ed Markey wants the U.S. to lead in the global struggle for LGBT rights.

Italian Trans Woman's Marriage Could Pave Way for Same-Sex Unions
June 12 2014 4:43 PM ET

Italian Trans Woman's Marriage Could Pave Way for Same-Sex Unions

Thom Senzee

If Italy's supreme constitutional court decides that a transgender woman can stay legally married to her wife after transitioning, they could be the first married same-sex couple in Italy.  

UK Grants Reprieve to Ugandan Lesbian Facing Deportation
June 11 2014 9:13 PM ET

U.K. Won't Deport Ugandan Lesbian — Yet 

Thom Senzee

The British Home Office announced this week it has put a hold on deportation proceedings for Ugandan lesbian Harriet Nakigudde, as the office considers her request for political asylum.

Uganda's Antigay Foreign Minister Appointed U.N. General Assembly President
June 11 2014 8:21 PM ET

It's Official: Uganda's Antigay Minister Named U.N. President

Thom Senzee

Uganda's virulently antigay foreign minister will take office in September.

Pasta Maker Premieres Italy's First Coming Out TV Ad
June 11 2014 4:55 PM ET

WATCH: Italian Pasta Company Comes Out to Mom

Thom Senzee

Italy's Findus foods not only creates quick and easy microwave meals, it sparks a conversation about love in the company's groundbreaking new advertisement. 

London College Won't Revoke Sultan of Brunei's Honorary Degree
June 10 2014 11:54 AM ET

College Won't Revoke Sultan of Brunei's Honorary Degree

Thom Senzee

King's College London has rejected an alum's call for the school to rescind the Sultan of Brunei's honorary doctoral law degree.

PHOTOS: Pride Around the World
June 10 2014 5:00 AM ET

PHOTOS: Pride Around the World Editors

It's only the first weekend in June, but we have Pride celebration photos from Croatia, Romania, Seoul, Guadalajara, and Rome.

Will The UN Appoint This Antigay Ugandan as Its President?
June 09 2014 8:28 PM ET June 11 2014 1:10 PM ET

The U.N. Is About to Appoint This Antigay Ugandan President

Thom Senzee

On Wednesday, the United Nations General Assembly is set to elect Uganda's foreign minister as president. LGBT advocates say that spells bad news for the international body.

Zambian Minister Confirms Government Won't Recognize Gay Citizens' Rights
June 09 2014 6:45 PM ET

Zambian Minister Confirms Government Won't Recognize Gay Citizens' Rights

Michelle Garcia

The foreign affairs minister of Zambia says his government will not recognize the rights of its gay citizens because to do so would contradict that country's Christian values.

Slovakia Becomes Seventh Anti-Equality EU Nation
June 06 2014 7:53 PM ET

Slovakia Becomes Anti-Equality EU Nation #7

Thom Senzee

Slovakian legislators overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Ugandan Gov't Investigates Refugee Nonprofit for 'Promoting Homosexuality'
June 05 2014 8:22 PM ET

Ugandan Gov't Investigates Nonprofit for 'Promoting Homosexuality'

Thom Senzee

The investigation prompted false reports of the closure of the Refugee Law Project, based at Uganda's Makere University.